Colouring sheets for various short ahadeeth compiled in (منهاج المسلم الصغير في حفظ أحاديث البشير )

The following colouring sheets are based on the videos produced by Al-Binaa Publishing explaining various short ahadeeth taken from the book (منهاج المسلم الصغير في حفظ أحاديث البشير ) compiled by Abu Muhammad Abdullah, the son of Shaykh Muhammad Raslan حفظهما الله.

Recite Easy Series (Part 1)

The aim of this series is to ease the transition from learning to read Arabic words to reciting the Noble Qur’an. Part One focuses on a series of letter combinations that learners oftentimes find tricky to get their head around initially. The resource includes printable letter and word cards, as well as numerous suggestions how to use these and adapt them to your learners' needs.